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The Bobrovskiy District Chief Architect Department provides municipal and other services, issues land plot development plans.
Its scope of activity includes issue of permits for the following types of work:
Construction of new facilities

Reconstruction of old facilities

Total renovation of different-purpose building

Facility commissioning


If you have your own project, the Chief Engineer Department may conduct expert examination of engineering surveys and relevant documentation to exclude differences, nonconformities and difficulties when implementing the project.


Urban Development Information Systems (UDIS) give convenient access to legal entities specially for these purposes. This comprises corpus of documents (texts and sketch maps) about land improvement, building-up, available occupied and free land plots, capital construction facilities, etc. These data materials are credible and help in investment activity during land managment.

Potential and existing investors may easily check out statistics and any information about the urban development activities. They may also study the register of issued permits for construction and commissioning of different facilities over different periods.

The Department specialists regularly conduct educational workshops and improve skills of interested builders and engineers. Consultants may tell about effective methods of interaction with all Voronezh Region authorities in this regard.

With the Property and Land Relation Departments

With the Local Construction Policy Department

With the Architecture and Urban Development Department

as well as with the State Housing Inspectorate and State Construction Supervision Inspectorate.


Upon personal inquiry, this Department may prepare initial permits for the required types of work, develop land grading, drawings, create design documentations, inspect land plots and issue opinion for possibility to use that land for construction.

. Investors may purchase land plot or receive any service related to construction permit and obtain information about procedure for placing of advertising structures in this District area.

It is possible to receive part of public services electronically via special portal of the Voronezh Region public and municipal services. This requires registration and authentication on that web site.

The main investment projects are aimed at balances economic development, they are implemented with consideration of all regulations and are controlled by special authorities. Investment to the Bobrovskiy District properly executed works will enable to form comfortable environment for population and bring benefit to business partners.

The projects from 2024 till 2035 include many events aimed at improving the business conditions particularly regular, annual construction and reconstruction of water supply, sewage, gas supply facilities, etc. Such works are financed through budgets at different levels and engagement of extra-budget sources.

Adiminstration plans also include list of events aimed to increase investment attractiveness of rural settlements. This will be mainly achieved through development of utility infrastructure and active stimulation of construction of enterprises in uncovered settlements. Certainly, it is planned to raise funds of private investors on the basis of public private partnership and municipal private partnership.