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Urban Development
This Region has all conditions to assist in development of small and medium entrepreneurship. This Region is ready to form and develop infrastructure needed for implementation of investment projects.
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Tourism in Voronezh Region and namely in Bobrovskiy District is promising trend and one of the most preferred orientations for regional development.
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Examples of Successful Projects
These projects are on the way but it seems fair to say that these investors have created hundreds of jobs at new, modern plants.
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Region details

The Bobrovskiy District is located at the Voronezh Region central part, and this is nowdays quite modern corner of the Russian Federation. Bobrov is one of the oldest Russian cities and district administrative center. Urban and rural roads are paved with asphalt, having cell towers and wireless Internet.

Public transport is represented by buses, taxis and commuter trains. The district is crossed by M4 federal highway (Don) and several regional roads. The main water reservoir is the Bityug River (Don feeder) and the Ikorets River, the most extensive and valuable forest is Khrenovskoy Bor. The bridge connecting the Bityug River banks has been just recently large-scale reconstructed, and new pillars must serve at least 50 years.

District`s Historical Significance and Cultural Heritage

The Bobrovskiy District has beautiful, healthy nature and numerous cultural heritage sites and architectural landmarks. It features magnificent steppe resorts, as well as valuable sites for archaeologists and lovers of antiquities and history. This terrain is suitable for internal and foreign tourism because despite of introduced communications and construction innovative solutions, it is still possible to immerse in the atmosphere of villages and settlements.


The District population of about 50 thousand persons reside at area of 2,233 square meters, while 20.5 thousand live in Bobrov.


This Municipal District consists of 19 entities including 1 urban and 18 rural entities.


Total number of settlements is 56. Distance Bobrov – Voronezh is 97 km.

Through the lens of economics, this District peculiarity embraces large and small agricultural facilities, animal meat and dairy factories as well as sale points, dining facilities, construction companies as well as industry servicing agencies.

This District for several straight years makes the top three agricultural manufacturers. Currently, this District has implemented more than 12 investment projects totally amounted of about RUB 35 billion.

Though the agro-climatic potential refers to medium level by indicators, chernozem is perfectly suitable for active farming. The Bobrovskiy District is part of the Central Black Earth economic region which is one of 11 largest ones in Russia in this aspect. Sites have complete basic infrastructure (railway, highways, heat and electricity supply systems, water supply system), so it is possible and necessary to develop new industrial production facilities.

Why is it beneficial and profitable to invest here?

This District is located at convenient location and has the Bobrovskiy Industrial Park

All infrastructural facilities function properly and are ready for long-term operation

Local authorities create favourable climate for the existing and potential investors

More than 16 large-scale agriculture and industry investment projects have been implemented

This District has free power facilities and utilities

This District has high demand for jobs and there are plenty of potentially free employees

Many land plots in this District are ready for private housing construction

District Opportunities:

large industrial companies, small and medium entrepreneurship


for development of animal breeding as well as lands suitable for vegetable production using melioration

Agricultural Companies

and processing facilities with completed production cycle

Investment Sites

free investment sites and production spaces

Production Base

and natural resources for construction industry

Cultural and Hisitorical Heritage Sites

valuable and are attractive for population